R&D Center

Eco-friendly product development and Securing products for global markets Since the establishment in January 2002, the research lab of APEC has been researching and developing the fields of acrylic emulsion, including special functionality, adhesives, architectural paint, ink, coating, textile, PVAc, and the other fields such as PUD, AUD, ceramic.

We strive to create alternative water-based resin to replace solvent-based resin and for substituting imports by the domestic acrylic emulsion. APEC also pursues the development of eco-friendly products and acrylic emulsion for securing high-tech products for global markets.

  • - Development of eco-friendly and water-based products
    - Development of world-leading products that meet the global standard

  • - Replace harmful solvents with eco-friendly water-based products
    - Strengthen competitiveness by domestically manufacturing imported products

  • - Customer-oriented technology development
    - Creating win-win values through joint technology development of the government and companies

Research History
Conducted Government Projects
  • 01

    Development of organic paint using low-cost, high-performance photocatalyst

  • 02

    Domestic production of water-based binders for ceramic-coated separators and demonstration of applicability of separators

Development by Company
  • 01

    Development of adhesive for labels and films

  • 02

    Development of acrylic emulsion for water-based ink and coating

  • 03

    Development of acrylic-silicone copolymer resin

  • 04

    Development of resin for heat-seal

  • 05

    Development of organic/inorganic hybrid emulsion

  • 06

    Development of resin for coating food containers

  • 07

    Development of harmless and odorless PVAc resin

  • 08

    Development of fast drying acrylic emulsion

  • 09

    Development of acrylic thickener

  • 10

    Development of eco-friendly interior and exterior paint binder (VOC Free)