Business Philosophy/Vision

Develop immediately, Develop without fail, Develop until success APEC is a researcher and manufacturer of water-based acrylic emulsion adhesives. Our goal is to focus on the development of water-based acrylic emulsion adhesives for the conversion of solvent-based adhesives to water-based,
eventually contributing to the health of humanity and conserving the planet. There is still a long way to go. However, it is a task that must be done by someone.
To realize this, APEC will research and develop water-based adhesives with our customers to function as the leader of saving the planet.

Business Philosophy

APEC strives to protect the futures of its executives and staff as well as their family members and seeks for the happiness of humanity.


By establishing an R&D Center that possess a world-class acrylic emulsion technology, we focus on the development of acrylic emulsion technology.


We aim to contribute to the health of humanity and conserving the planet by converting solvent-based adhesives to water-based adhesives.